Is your laptop facing hardware problems? Get reliable authorized service support for your laptop

Hardware issues are one of the prominent issues reported by most of the laptops, server, workstations, and other electronic device users. If you are one of those who is also facing hardware problem, just give us a call. Our team would take up your call to understand the problem area from the depth.


We are one of the market leaders when it comes to comparing our laptop repair and replacement services with our competitors. If you have any problem with your laptop, just contact us. We will troubleshoot the problem and give you the fresh laptop without any hassle.

Our team has full command over the technologies used by the laptop manufacturers so they can easily understand the problematic area and fix the problem from the roots.

We have a separate team of technical experts who look for any kind of technical error on your system. If they find any error, our team starts working on it to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

In case you have any hardware problem contact us. We provide complete care of laptop, its hardware and software design as well. We are confident of our laptop repair services. This is the main reason to why we are expanding our base in other cities as well.

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- Toshiba Laptop India service Centre lets you get the most out of your computer - no matter how you use it.


  • * Laptop Broken LCD/ Display
  • * Hanging/Freezing
  • * Booting Problems
  • * Track-Pad Not Working
  • * Hard Disc Failure
  • * OS Corrupted
  • and More..

    - We offer a range of delivery and pickup options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.


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    Broken screen replacement

    We provide finest screen replacement service. A broken screen makes a laptop inoperable in many cases. Sometimes the problem is minor and is mainly an inconvenience or blemish, but other times the screen may be completely out of commission.

    How to fix screen replacement problems?

    If you have any hardware issues contact us our service team they provide effective service for your laptop hardware.

    Laptop screen replacement problem issue

    Hardware issues are one of the unmistakable issues announced by a large portion of the laptops, server, workstations, and other electronic gadget clients.

    Screen repair and replacement

    Learn about screen repair and replacement for all branded laptops such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Hp and so on.

    Authorized screen replacement and service provider

    We are the authorized service provider in Bangalore and also our team provides screen replacement.

    Professional laptop screen replacement

    We have your entire Laptop model display screen with us in Bangalore. We will change your laptop display screen same day of service accepted.

    Laptop screen replacement in Bangalore

    We are one of the top laptop dealer, we have all types of laptop Screen repair in Bangalore.

    Best Service centre for any Hardware problem

    Any hardware related issue in your computer or laptop – visit our service centre located in all over the Bangalore city. Get the hardware issue fixed by our well trained experienced technicians.

    Broken laptop screen service in Bangalore

    Broken laptops can be a problem, when our every day work needs them to be going in record time. Our service center offers broken laptop service to any sort of issue. Our technicians are solid services and opportune conveyance at reasonable costs. We center on quality service to a wide range of laptops, independent of their brand and model.

    Damaged Laptop screen replacement in Bangalore

    A damaged screen can make a laptop unusable. On the off chance that laptop screen is broken than there is no way to repair the split screen all things considered we need to supplant the screen without losing the time. We saw many repairing centers tell the client that they could repair the broken laptop screen however that is beyond the realm of imagination.

    Laptop screen replacement Cost

    Our specialized experts help you with the correct guidance towards the issue showed up on your laptop, with care and in reasonable service cost. Our steady service engineer’s deal with all the conflict brought about by your laptop.

    Laptop Hibernate issue service in Bangalore

    Backup and hibernation utilize low power utilization mode, and ought to have the option to preserve all substance. Issues can emerge when the power the board highlights and BIOS of the laptop oppose this idea. Backup and Hibernation utilize a low power utilization mode, with enough capacity to save the substance of such memory.

    Shutting down repeatedly problem

    It is vexing experience that your laptop closes down arbitrarily. The system has worked in component of self security that makes it off in the wake of getting excessively hot. While investigating we deal with number of reasons which are liable for laptop overheating like overheated battery, defective or non-working fan, BIOS streak, warm administration arrangement of working framework, working laptop on delicate surface and CPU overheating.